About Slovenia

On this page you can see a video about the various events in the life of Slovenia, as well as to link to news associated with each event.

Luxury Slovenia travel talk

World travelers Abdullah Al Jumah & Yousef AlSudais on their first visit in Slovenia.

Business meetings in Slovenia

Azra Botonjič explains what it is about Slovenia, that atracts event organizers from all parts of Europe.

Meet Ljubljana

Slovenians are presenting their capital city Ljubljana

Guinness World Records — 21 Slovenian Records

The newest edition of the Guinness World Records presents 21 Slovenian records, among them…

Slovenia, the 21th Ljubljana Marathon — 2016

The 21st Ljubljana Volkswagen marathon featured a record number of participants, read more…

Slovenians are doing it on the train …

A group of Slovenian acrobats demontrating their skills on a moving train. You can read more about the old Bohinj railway here.

Christmas in Ljubljana

360° video showing Ljubljana during the Christmas period. You can read about the authors of the video in detail by following the link