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This year, you have a chance of receiving a European education as a student of the University of Nova Gorica, the University of Primorska or the Business School of Ljubljana.


There are few vacant places left in the following programmes: Environment, Physics and Astrophysics, Digital Art and Practice, Management in Engineering, Viticulture and Winemaking, Mathematics, Computer Science, Management, and Tourism.

Learn more about the content of the programmes available for admission:

Duration: 2 years; attendance: intramural; language: Slovene and English; a double degree programme is available.

Tuition fee: 5,000 euros per year

The programme is of interdisciplinary and research-oriented nature. Students deepen their knowledge in the field of environmental sciences, methods of identification and control of environmental pollution, as well as study the legal, economic and administrative aspects of environmental protection. Industrial placement is based on the study of a specific environmental issue, which is of major interest for the organization, in which students take practice. Such industrial placement provides students with advanced knowledge. This is an opportunity to establish contacts with potential employers and increase the employment of graduates.

The double degree programme is available for students studying in Slovenia and Italy. The graduates receive diplomas of two universities — the University of Nova Gorica (UNG) in the field of Environment and the Ca ‘Foscari University in Venice in the field of Chemistry and Chemical Technology.

Duration: 2 years; attendance: intramural and intramural/extramural; language: Slovene and English.

Tuition fee: 5,000 euros per year

While studying on a Master’s degree programme, students expand and deepen their knowledge in the field of economic and organizational sciences, modern technologies, information sciences and environmental sciences. The study programme includes such subjects as economics in engineering, introduction to modern technological systems, strategic company management, computer science, automatic control systems, modern measurement methods, robotics, decision support models and systems, etc.

Duration: 2 years; attendance: intramural; language: Slovene and English.

Tuition fee: 5,000 euros per year

The Master’s programme offers a number of modules. Each student chooses one to study, depending on his or her project and interests: animation, film production, photography, new media, contemporary art and art space. Students study within the international environment and gradually develop projects in close collaboration with teachers, visiting professors, and other students. Students do their internship in both Slovenian companies and accredited institutions-partners in Austria, Italy, and Croatia.

During the enrollment process, students need to pass a creative contest: to provide a portfolio, an idea for the future project work, and pass an interview on skype.

Duration: 2 years; attendance: intramural; language: Slovene and English.

Tuition fee: 5,000 euros per year

The Master’s programme is implemented in two modules: “Astrophysics” and “Solid State Physics”. Both modules are of a research nature. Students take an active part in the activities of research laboratories and centres, which allow students to conduct quite complex studies in astrophysics of elementary particles, quantum optics, biomedicine, etc. Students are taught in international groups and practice scientific communication in English. The best students can also participate in major international research projects in the Pierre Auger Observatory.

Duration: 2 years; attendance: intramural; language: Slovene and English.

Tuition fee: 3,000 euros per year

The Master’s programme reflects the current state of mathematical science and is focused on training specialists who possess modern mathematical methods, knowledge and technologies necessary for research and teaching activities. After enrolling, students choose one of seven major subjects: general mathematics, discrete mathematics, financial mathematics, cryptography, computer programs and applications, probability theory and statistics, theoretical mathematics.

Duration: 2 years; attendance: intramural; language: Slovene.

Tuition fee: 4,000 euros per year

The programme’s curriculum provides a balance between the fundamental objectives of management (planning, organization, process management within an enterprise) and their economic and legal competence. Theoretical training is closely intertwined with practice, so that students acquire skills in management, using new methods of planning, organization, management and control over companies, solving complex interdisciplinary problems, getting a broader understanding of the economic and social processes of globalization, and carry out research projects.

The promotion is valid until 5 September 2017 and is available for admission to the University of Primorska, the University of Nova Gorica and the Business School of Ljubljana.

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