One of the most exciting periods for all students is submitting applications and documents for admission. The Slovenian universities start accepting documents in February, and colleges — at the beginning of March. All applicants who have chosen Slovenian universities and colleges for admission should consider this very important procedure.

Why is it so important to apply for admission within the first round?

Everything is quite simple and logical. All places in universities and colleges are vacant during this period. If you want to “reserve” a place on the selected program and maximize your chances for admission, it would be better to do so during the first round.

During the second round, you will have to choose one of those programs that would retain vacant places after the first round. Moreover, within the following third round (if any), you will have to get by with the remaining options that may not fit your desires.

Why is applying for the first round the easiest way?

At the stage of submitting documents during the first round, you are required only to file your application and the available documents. You can send missing documents (originals of certificate/diploma, results of final exams) in June and July.

The main aim of those who apply for admission within the first round is to increase the likelihood of enrolment to the selected program.

When is it better to submit documents to Slovenian universities and colleges?

Filing with Slovenian universities and colleges has already started. The majority of private institutions operate on a separate schedule, so we report on the timing of document submission thereto on individual basis.

Terms of Submission to Universities of Slovenia in 2017

Table deadline to the universities of Slovenia 2017

University Bachelor’s Degree

First round

Bachelor’s Degree

Second round

University of Ljubljana 6 February–20 April The information has not yet been published. March 13 – September 30.
Depending on the faculties, the timing may differ, please consult the consultants.
University of Maribor 6 February–20 April The information has not yet been published.. 13 March – 31 May
05 July – 15 September
University of Primorska 6 February–14 July 1 August–15 August

18 September–22 September

09 May – 15 September
University of Nova Gorica 6 February–5 July 22 August–29 August

1 September–20 September

1 May–20 September


Terms of Submission to Colleges of Slovenia in 2017

Table deadline to the colleges in Slovenia 2017

First round 13 February–8 March
Second round (for remaining places) 28 August–1 September


Deadlines of enrolment rounds have changed as compared to the previous year: in 2017, the October round is cancelled; the last rounds even in private universities will end in September.

What documents are required for enrolment?

    • International passport.
    • Certificate of secondary education with progress report.
    • Certificates of final examinations (Uniform State Exam, External Independent Testing, etc.).
    • Completed application.

What is the rush, you may ask?

Of course, it is your right to decide which round to apply for, but you should remember that the later you decide, the less universities will be ready to open their doors in front of you. That’s why we encourage all students, who wish to study in Slovenia, to submit applications exactly during the first round without delaying such an important matter to the last moment.

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