Business Immigration to Slovenia

Obtaining a Residence Permit for a Businessperson and its Family

Business immigration to Slovenia suits those entrepreneurs who want to develop business in the EU zone. Businesspersons will appreciate the opportunity to do business in Slovenia without excessive bureaucracy, the transparency of tax system and an adequate tax burden, while the country’s geographical position compensates for the domestic market volume.

Company registration in Slovenia, Регистрация компании в Словении, Реєстрація компанії в Словенії

Today, the procedure of business immigration to Slovenia is easier than in many other EU countries. We assists in obtaining temporary and permanent residence permits in Slovenia on the following basis:

  1. employment in one’s own company;
  2. family reunion;
  3. education.


To register a residence permit in Slovenia on the business basis, the following conditions are required:

  1. Register a company in Slovenia and make a payment of € 7,500 into the authorized capital, and meet the investment conditions.
  2. According to the amendments to the Law on Foreigners, which entered into force in September, a foreign citizen, having started a company in Slovenia, has the right to apply for a unified work and residence permit for director given that the following requirement is fulfilled:

  1. Investment into the company’s fixed asset for a minimum amount of € 50,000 – vehicle, equipment, office supplies, real estate holdings – everything that a company needs to operate in Slovenia. Immediately after completing the investment procedure, you can apply for a work and residence permit.

Company Registration
in Slovenia

  • Company registration and
    residence permit
  • Residence permit for the purpose of family reunion
  • Accounting from €60

  1. Submit documents for a unified work and residence permit in Slovenia (a work and residence permit).
  1. Obtain a Resident ID card.

Based on the resident card obtained, you will need to register a temporary residence address in Slovenia and receive health insurance. The insurance policy will be valid from the first day of your employment.

The temporary residence permit in Slovenia must be renewed each of the consequent 5 years. After 5 years of living in Slovenia, you are entitled to apply for permanent residence permit if you regularly pay taxes and do not break the law. Having the status of permanent residence in Slovenia, you have the same rights as the citizens of the country, except for the possibility to vote and purchase real estate objects as a natural person. After another 5 years (at the end of the 10th year), you are eligible to apply for the citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia.

The residence permit in Slovenia entitles you and your family:

  1. To stay on the territory of Slovenia and the EU and to develop a legal business.
  2. To move freely around the Schengen countries.
  3. After 5 years of residence in Slovenia, to obtain the status of permanent residence, and after 10 years – the Slovenian citizenship.
  4. To enjoy free qualified medical services in accordance with the compulsory health insurance.
  5. To obtain pre-school, school, vocational and higher education in Slovenia and the EU countries.

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