Company Registration

Company Registration in Slovenia

If you decide to move to Slovenia and start your own business or purchase a real estate holding, you will need, first of all, to register a legal entity. This procedure will take up to two weeks and will require your single visit to Slovenia for a few days.

A standard practice for the foreign founders is to register a limited liability company (Družba z omejeno odgovornostjo (d.o.o.) – in Slovenian).

Company registration in Slovenia, Регистрация компании в Словении, Реєстрація компанії в Словенії

Stages of Company Registration in Slovenia

1. Obtaining documents for shareholders:

  1. a Slovenian taxpayer identification number (davčna številka);
  2. a personal identification number (EMŠO);
  3. a certificate of good conduct in Slovenia.

2. Selecting company’s main and additional activities in accordance with the classifier.

3. Registering company in the governmental agencies.

This stage requires a personal presence of all founders and directors of the company.

Company Registration
in Slovenia

  • Company registration and
    residence permit €3,500
  • Residence permit for the
    purpose of family reunion
  • Accounting from €60

Our advisor will help you complete and sign all necessary documents. The procedure will take you no more than two hours.

Company registration in Slovenia will be finalized within 7 working days after receiving a decision on registration.

4. Opening a bank account and making a payment into the authorized capital.

5. Obtaining a decision on the company registration.

6. Activating company’s accounts in a Slovenian bank.

We will prepare and obtain all the necessary documents for you. At each stage of the company’s registration and opening of a bank account, you will be accompanied by our Slovenian-speaking advisor, who will help you quickly solve any problem.

The cost of the “Company Registration in Slovenia” service includes:

  1. Obtaining documents for shareholders.
  2. Checking company name for uniqueness, assistance in choosing company’s activities.
  3. Accompanying to the registration authorities and bank (the fee for opening and maintaining a bank account as per the bank’s tariff).
  4. Paying state duties (except for notary and court interpreter services during the registration of spouses as founders).
  5. Issuing a company’s stamp.
  6. Obtaining the Court’s decision and an extract from the state registry.
  7. Legal address and virtual office in Ljubljana for your company for a period of 3 months.

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