Higher education in Slovenia

You can obtain education of high quality, a European diploma, a residence permit on an education basis, and fluency in at least two foreign languages in Slovenia—one of the most beautiful and safest countries of Europe.

Высшее образование в Словении

Higher education in Slovenia

Looking to get a high quality education overseas and at the same time feel like home? Welcome to Slovenia! Our small country has high European standards of living, offering an open, friendly and distinctive culture, great food and beautiful nature, which will help you adapt quickly.

In Slovenia you will get an accredited European degree, a Residence Permit under the education stream, will learn at least two foreign languages and simply have a great time in one of the safest and most beautiful countries in Europe.

Cost: €1000

  1. Selection and consultation on the most suitable program and University;
  2. Consultation on educational grants and scholarships;
  3. Preparation of all necessary documents for the enrollment;
  4. Sending of applications and documents to the chosen universities and tracking their progress (up to 3 universities);
  5. Selection of a Scientific Advisor (Postgraduate studies);
  6. Composing and forwarding of motivational and recommendation letters;
  7. Preparation of documents for the Residence Permit in Slovenia for educational purposes;
  8. Attainment of the identification and tax numbers;
  9. Help in registration of your permanent address;
  10. General information assistance.

Additional services:

  1. Intensive 60 hour Slovenian language course before the commencement of studies.
  2. Assistance in choosing and leasing property.

Advantages to studying in Slovenia include:

  1. European degree and international diploma;
  2. Access to a wide range of programs and faculties;
  3. You will have a Residence Permit under the education stream;
  4. Affordable education cost: from €1,500 to €4,000 per year;
  5. You can submit applications to three different universities at the same time;
  6. Studies in Slovenian and English languages; the international students are given time for adaptation;
  7. Students with good academic performance get an opportunity to apply for scholarships and grants (up to €1,000 per month, reimbursement of educational costs);
  8. European and international exchange programs, like Erasmus;
  9. Traineeship and an opportunity to work in European companies from the first year of education;
  10. After graduation, you can extend the Residence Permit for an additional 6 moths in order to seek for employment opportunities;
  11. A generous student discounts system (up to 50% in the restaurants, museums, libraries, cultural events and the public transport);
  12. The ability to freely travel around the EU.

Enrollment and costs of studying in Slovenian Universities:

Lenient entry conditions:

  1. No entry exams (except specialized programs like journalism, law and arts);
  2. No need to undertake Slovenian or English language proficiency exams like TOEFL or IELTS;
  3. The education is conducted in Slovenian or English language, depending on the program;
  4. The cost of education on the full time and part time Bachelor’s degrees starts from €1500 to €3000 per year, Master’s and PhD programs from €2500 to €4000 per year.

The intake of applications for the year 2016/2017:

1 stream – 5 February – 5 March
2 stream* – 21- 28 August
3 stream – 1- 5 October

*For international students only the 1 and 3 streams are available.

In order to enroll into a university in Slovenia, you have to undertake the procedure of recognition of previous education, provide the documents and the motivational letter including your achievements, and finally get a confirmation of enrollment into the course.

The application can be submitted without the full list of documents, which can be submitted when you get your diploma and the exam results, but before the middle of July 2016.

! Before the submission of the application, it is compulsory to undergo the process of recognition of educational documents, which can be started without the full list of documents. The procedure can take up to 2 months.

The higher education system in Slovenia consists of 3 stages:

1 stage: Bachelor’s degree – 3-4 years (dodiplomski študij);

2 stage: Master’s degree – 2 years (podiplomski študij);

3 stage: Doctoral Degree – 3 years (doktorat).

There are 3 Public Universities in Slovenia:

University of Ljubljana (Univerza v Ljubljani) is in the top 500 Universities around the world in academic ranking. The largest university in Slovenia. Has 23 institutes and 3 academies of arts.

University of Maribor (Univerza v Mariboru) is the second largest university in Slovenia. It started as a school of economics and commerce in 1959. It became a university in 1975 and now has17 institutes.

University of Primorska (Univerza na Primorskem) was registered in 2003. It has 9 institutes and is located in the city of Koper.

Private University:

University of Nova Gorica (Univerza v Novi Gorici) was established on the basis of the school of ecological sciences and later became the University of Nova Gorice in 2006. It consists of 4 institutions, the school of viticulture and ecology, the school of arts, post graduate programs, and a number of scientific research institutes and laboratories.

2 International Universities:

Alma Mater Europaea is an international university based in the Austrian city of Zalzburg, established a higher education institution in Maribor in 2007. It now has campuses in Ljubljana, Murska Sobota and Ptyj. At the moment there are six Bachelor degree programs, nine Master’s and Doctoral studies.

Euro-Mediterranean University ( EMUNI Evro-sredozemska univerza). From the moment of establishment, the Euro-Mediterranean University is one of the main projects of the Mediterranean Union. These days there is a number of international Master’s programs and Doctoral studies.

There are 47 other private specialized institutes, as well as art academies.

In general, these are highly specialized institutes, which pay a lot of attention to the practical side of the education process. All private universities in Slovenia have accreditation from the government. The lectures and seminars are conducted by lecturers from all around the world and professionals working for successful European companies. Also, it is a common practice for the university students to go to various companies in Europe.

The Slovenians enjoy their student life for a number of reasons. You can combine studies with work (or get a scholarship). The discount system lets you travel around Europe very cheaply. Also, Slovenia is in the center of Europe, so you can easily travel on the weekend to Italy, Austria, Germany or Croatia.

Studying in Slovenia is 10 in 1: European degree, quality education, Residence Permit in the Schengen zone, work in Europe, additional languages, internships, grants, scholarships, international contacts and the opportunity to see the world.

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