Moving Procedures for Obtaining Education in Slovenia

Residence Permit for Studying at School, College or University in Slovenia


In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia, foreigners studying in Slovenia’s educational institutions, practicing or participating in the long-term international student exchange programmes in educational institutions of Slovenia must obtain a residence permit for study purposes.


A Holder of a ‘Student’ Residence Permit Has the Following Rights:

  1. The right to reside in the Republic of Slovenia during the period, for which the residence permit is issued.
  2. The right of visa-free travel around the Schengen Area.
  3. The right to work officially in Slovenia (students can work from the first month of training). Read more here.
  4. A pass for travelling on public transport by student rates and reduced-price meals in cafes and restaurants. Read more here.
  5. The right to participate in international exchange programmes, for example Erasmus, and to undergo training in European companies.


A Holder of a ‘Student’ Residence Permit Has the Following Responsibilities:

  1. A holder of a ‘student’ residence permit has to fulfil the purpose, for which the residence permit was issued, that is, to study. State bodies have the right to request from educational institutions information about the student’s attendance and progress. In case of any violations, the residence permit can be terminated ahead of time.
  2. Be temporary registered at the place of residence (this procedure must be completed upon the receipt of a residence permit card).


Where to Submit Documents and Receive a ‘Student’ Residence Permit?

There are two ways for students to file documents and obtain residence permits for study purposes:

  1. Submitting documents to the Embassy of Slovenia in your country of residence. In this case, it is possible to obtain a residence permit card only in the embassy, to which the package of documents was submitted.
  2. Submitting documents and receiving a residence permit card directly in Slovenia. This option is available for students only. Meanwhile, students can enter Slovenia with an ordinary tourist visa.

To Obtain a Residence Permit for Study Purposes, the Following Documents Are Required:


  1. Official confirmation from an educational institution (of primary, secondary or higher level) on the enrolment to study.
  2. Medical insurance (additional information is under development, it will soon be available here).
  3. A certificate of no criminal record from the country of permanent residence.
  4. Documents confirming the availability of funds sufficient for living.
  5. Other documents in accordance with the law requirements.

A residence permit for study purposes is issued for a period of study, but no more than for one year. To extend the student residence permit, it is necessary to re-submit the above-mentioned documents and the official confirmation on the continuation of studies (promotion to the next year level) from an educational institution.

Obtaining Residence Permit for Schoolchildren

The minor children of a foreigner legally residing in Slovenia are entitled to free education in a basic school or a gymnasium. A pupil may receive a residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia for the purpose of studying. Schools and gymnasiums belong to certain districts (neighbourhoods), so you need to choose an educational institution for your child in accordance with your city and district of registration. Besides, schools and gymnasiums organize reduced-price meals and excursions for pupils. More information about schools in Slovenia is available here.

The application for a residence permit for the purpose of studying at school with attachment of all the necessary documentation should be submitted by a child’s parent to the administrative authorities of Slovenia.

Visa for Attending Education Courses in Slovenia

Attendees of education courses that last less than 12 months cannot obtain a residence permit in Slovenia.

If an education course lasts less than 3 months, a standard C type visa should be requested.

If an education course lasts from 3 to 12 months, a D type visa should be applied for.

C and D type visas are issued for the entire period of attending courses or studying at school. Documents for these types of visas are submitted only to the embassy or through a visa centre in the country of your permanent residence.

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