10 Original Hostels in Slovenia

Wooden Hostel

Location: Ravne na Koroškem


It seems that everything here smells of wood and surrounding forests. ‘Punkl’ is a local dialect name of a traveling bag (‘cula’). Rooms in the hostel have local dialect names (Gnar, Klocne, Šartelj, Klobase and others). The object was designed by the architect Maruša Zorec in accordance with the principles of ecology and small energy costs, natural and bioclimatic peculiarities of the environment. More information about the method of hostel construction can be read here.

Garden House

Location: Bled


The rooms are decorated in a free style. Tree is again the focus of attention. Facing boards and old beams are re-used as shelves and material for walls and WC doors. Beds on old wooden pallets with old doors as headboards. Simple, neat and cosy.

Youth House

Location: Ajdovščina


The Youth House (Slovene: Hiša mladih) is located at the outskirts of Ajdovščina in the middle of the park. It is a lively place for communication and creativity. All sorts of events take place here. Exhibitions, events, fashion publications, interviews, and creative workshops. The hostel called “Mladinski Hotel Ajdovščina” works in the same building.

At Bear’s

Location: Kočevje


Probably the newest hostel in Slovenia is Bearlog. It is located in the restored building in the very centre of Kočevje. Everything is decorated with two local symbols: a tree (Kočevje virgin forest) and a bear. The hostel is named after a bear. Traces of bear paws can be found even on bed linens. The Bearlog Hostel has a local tourist information centre (TIC), where the most detailed information about the town on the River Rinja can be found.

Place for Communication

Location: Trbovlje


The name says it all. It is not just a hostel, but also the Youth Centre Trbovlje (MC Trbovlje), which is a business, cultural, entertainment and educational centre of the town located in the region of Zasavje. The FinArs Company developed the architectural appearance of the building, while Darijan Bunta and Ines Dagama participated in designing interior and decorative elements. Here you can drink a cup of coffee under a willow in the yard.

In the Embrace of History

Location: Novo Mesto


A few years ago, National Geographic called this hostel in Novo Mesto the best hostel in Slovenia. With its image and details, it reveals the history of the Gallstatt archaeological culture era. Pottery is reflected not only in the name, but also in the interior and design of the hostel—images on bed linens, glass and walls.

In the Heart of the Capital

Location: Ljubljana


In the heart of Ljubljana, on the Chopova Street, between the shops, there is a grey building. Previously, there was a bank, and a few years ago, it was reconstructed into a hostel preserving some “banking” elements in the interior. Thus, bunk beds are hidden behind bars, and guests can put their belongings in iron boxes. Guests spend their evenings in the former basements of the bank.

In Kras

Name: Mladinski hotel Pliskovica

Location: Pliskovica na Krasu


The restored manor Slamčeva Domačijia has enough space for 45 guests who can enjoy the surrounding nature, get acquainted with the cultural and architectural heritage of Kras. People often celebrate weddings in this manor.

Once It Was a Dormitory, and Today It Is a Holiday Hotel

Name: CŠOD Cerkno

Location: Cerkno


The renovated rooms “hide” behind the walls of the former dormitory in Cerkno. First of all, they are interesting as sleeping places, which look like they are made of cardboard. Same as in Punkl, the rooms have dialect names: Gaspa and Gaspud, Ta stara and Ta star, Ta bršlanau and Ta hrastau. Some rooms of the hostel are occupied by students of basic schools who come here to study. Although this is not a hostel in the usual sense of the word, groups of people and individuals can live here, not just schoolchildren.

Former Prison Cells

Location: Ljubljana


On the Metelkova Street in Ljubljana, you can spend a night in a former prison building. The Celica Hostel is often included into the lists of the most unusual hostels in the world. Diversely decorated rooms are literally behind the bars. The Celica Hostel also offers coffee, lunches and dinners.

Source: pepermint.si