15 Million Euro to Be Spent on the Development of the Social Infrastructure of the Municipality of Vodice

In total, 15 million euros will be allocated to the development of the social infrastructure in the Municipality of Vodice (Central Region).

In 2015, the municipality already overhauled the Vodice Basic School, which has 560 students, as well as the Škratek Svit kindergarten, which currently has 240 pupils. Now, the municipal authorities are planning to build a multifunctional sport centre, which will be located between the renovated basic school and the well-equipped kindergarten. An application for a building permit has been already filed.

Until the autumn of 2019, a 9-kilometre sewer network between Vodice and Ljubljana will also be built. The cost of the work will be 5.5 million euros, of which 1.3 million euros will be taken on credit. The project is financed by the municipalities of Vodice, Medvode and Ljubljana.

In addition, in the next four years, 20 streets with a total length of more than 15 kilometres will be enhanced in Vodice. According to the Mayor, Aco Franc Šuštar, it is planned to replace the pavement, install sidewalks, install storm sewers, street lighting, traffic lights and a gas pipeline network. In the future, it is planned to build a bypass road around Vodice, as well as a new multifunctional centre Središče Vodic, in the building of which there will be a hypermarket, a clinic, a social assistance centre, cultural and public institutions, as well as a centre of administrative services.

Source: dnevnik.si