21 Slovenian Records Are Included into the Guinness World Records: Skofič Brothers, Martin Strel and the Biggest Chocolate Bar

More than 4,000 official records with 21 Slovenian records among them are presented in the newest Guinness World Records edition.

Yesterday the Guinness World Records 2017 hit the shelves of bookstores around the world. The present international edition has 7 Slovenian records, and the Slovenian version of the book contains 14 more records.

One of the Slovenian records included into the international edition is a giant chocolate bar. As Luka Fojkar noted at the presentation of the book, it took the representative of the Cukrček Company, in which chocolate was made, 14 days to prepare a giant bar, and then confectioners had to place 28,000 pieces on a surface with an area of 10 x 15.

Ten people participated in the preparation of a chocolate bar weighing 1.5 tons. They decided to make milk chocolate. One of the conditions for inclusion into the Guinness World Records was the subsequent distribution of chocolate to people. Milk chocolate is known to be particularly popular with children, Luka Fojkar explains. Guests of the Festival in Radovljica ate 90% of a giant chocolate bar.

Five brothers of Slovenian origin who played together in the international rugby match managed to hit the Guinness World Records as well. The coach of the Slovenia’s national rugby team Andrew Fenton told about the Skofič brothers and cooperation with them. Among other things, he notes that with their participation in the match in Ljubljana the brothers, now living in Great Britain, thus commemorated their father and grandfather, who were originally from Styria.

Among the Slovenian record holders included into the international edition, there is a swimmer Martin Strel, who in 2007 swam 5,268 kilometres along the Amazon River. Martin is the owner of the record for the longest swim in open water. The Guinness World Records also includes a cyclist Tina Ternjak with her two records and a runner Jolanda Batagelj. The flute found in Slovenia, which was made about 45 thousand years ago, also hit the Book of Records as the oldest musical instrument.

A skier Tina Maze and such records as the largest Christmas wreath, the hugest pork meal (pork with salt grated turnips — “bujta repa” in Slovenian), the longest quadrille, the biggest postcard, and the largest castle built in the rocks (Predjama Castle) are among the champions and records that were not included into the international edition, but listed in the Slovenian edition of the Book.

The Guinness World Records book was first published in 1955. To date, over 136 million printed copies and 4 million electronic publications have been already sold in more than 100 countries and in 20 languages.

Source: rtvslo.si