First Clinic for Treatment of Computer Addicts Operates in Slovenia

As experts note, addiction to the Internet is even stronger than to alcohol and cigarettes. While some earn by developing computer games, others lose their property because of them, ruin their families and go bankrupt. In Slovenia, such people are treated in the Clinic of Nonchemical Addictions (Slocene: Klinika za nekemične odvisnosti). It is headed by therapist Miha Kramli.

His patients are young people addicted to modern technologies (on average they are 26 years old). As Miha Kramli notes, those who want to “escape” from reality immerse themselves in the world of video games. Social networks attract and at the same time pose a danger for those with inferiority complex and thirsting for praise.

“These are people who try to avoid outside pressure, and usually get involved in certain games, where they have a leading role and where everything is going well for them,” says the therapist.

In three countries of the world (South Korea, Algeria and China), addiction to the Internet is officially recognized as a disease. Nonchemical types of addictions, including addiction to gambling, each day affect a growing number of people. If 25 years ago, the ratio between those who had chemical and nonchemical types of addiction was 60 to 1, then today the latter already exceeds the former.

Miha Kramli recommends that parents allow children to use technological devices only under their control. He notes that addiction to the Internet is treated more severely than chemical addictions and can last up to three years.