The 2nd Stage of the Biathlon World Cup Started in Pokljuka on 9 December

The leadership of the Slovenian biathlon national team confirmed that Jakov Fak, recovering after an illness, would not participate in Pokljuka. Besides, his participation in the next phase of the World Cup in the Czech Republic (on 25–28 December) is also up in the air.

His absence is a big loss for Slovenia, but the coaching staff cheers up. According to the coaches, other athletes are well prepared as well, and it was a bad luck that prevented them from showing better results in the previous World Cup in Östersund, Sweden.

On Sunday, at the World Cup in Pokljuka, the female biathletes will present Slovenia. According to the national team’s head coach Tomaš Kos, besides Teja Gregorin, Anji Eržen and Urška Poje, Andrea Mali will also toe the starting line. This year, she has not participated in the competitions, having concentrated on coaching. Mali is a veteran of the women’s biathlon team. After the relay race on 11 December, she will officially complete her career.

Pokljuka, Klemen Bauer

Klemen Bauer Hit All the Targets and Finished the 12th

In Pokljuka, Klemen Bauer hit all targets for the second time at the World Cup and was the 12th to finish the biathlon sprint.

Frenchman Martin Fourcade also did not miss a single target when shooting and celebrated the victory in the race. Norwegian Johannes Thingnes Bö was second to come to the finish line (+13.7). Russian Anton Shipulin became the third (+15.1).

The First Ten Biathletes Had 100% Hits when Shooting

Weather conditions were ideal for shooting. Therefore the main task was to avoid penalty laps. The first ten biathletes accurately hit all targets. The current leader (in the absence of Jakov Fak) of the national team of Slovenia Klemen Bauer became the 12th in sprint and qualified in the pursuit race.

Other Slovenian biathletes showed modest results having taken the places among 88–102.

Schedule of the World Cup Stage in Pokljuka


11:30 a.m.: Sprint (men), 10 km.
2:15 p.m.: Sprint (women), 7.5 km.


11.45 a.m.: Pursuit race (men), 12.5 km.
2.45 p.m.: Pursuit race (women), 10 km.


11:15 a.m.: Relay race (men), 4 x 7.5 km.
2:30 p.m.: Relay race (women), 4 x 6 km.