2TM Company at the International Educational Exhibitions in Kiev (6–8 April 2017)

From 6 to 8 April 2017, the international specialized exhibition “Education and Career 2017” and the international exhibition of educational institutions “Education Abroad 2017” took place at the Kiev National Centre for Business and Cultural Cooperation “Ukrainian House”. About 80 universities, technical schools and organizations from the sphere of educational services of the USA, Europe, China, Ukraine and Georgia were represented at the events.

Компания 2ТМ на международных образовательных выставках в Киеве
Компания 2ТМ на международных образовательных выставках в Киеве

The exclusive representative of Slovenia was the 2ТМ Company. For the three days of the exhibition, about 1,000 people visited the 2TM’s booth. The majority of them were schoolchildren (12–16 years old) and their parents, school leavers and students of initial courses.

The key points of interest for potential students and their parents were as follows:

    • cost and conditions of study in Slovenia,
    • availability of scholarship programs and grants,
    • expenses for food and accommodation,
    • ability to work while studying.

The most popular were programs in Economics as well as Medicine, Architecture, Tourism and IT (Information and Communication Technologies). The sphere of Cybersecurity, the faculties of Biology, Chemistry and the preparation of Conductors (in music) have become very popular.

The guests of the exhibition were actively interested in the study programs, and many of them specifically came to clarify specific information, leave their contacts and fill in the application.

A large number of visitors at the events proves a great interest in studying abroad and studying in Slovenia, in particular. The affordable cost of the admission services and the average fee per semester did not go unnoticed by the guests.

The well-coordinated work of the representatives of Slovenia, the functional and laconic design of the Slovenian block, coupled with the friendly atmosphere that prevailed at the exhibitions, made it possible to collect a large number of applications for studying. Slovenia has proved to be a worthy competitor for many representatives of well-known European educational institutions.

Besides the 2TM Company, the representatives of higher and secondary professional educational institutions of Austria, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Israel, Spain, Italy, China, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, USA, France, and Ukraine took part in the exhibition.