2TM Company Congratulates Students on the Beginning of the New Academic Year!

Today, on 1 October, the new 2018/2019 academic year starts at the universities and colleges of Slovenia. The new students have passed many troubles and excitements associated with the admission procedure. However, ahead, there are bright impressions, new friends, cities and even countries, and, of course, a huge amount of important knowledge and skills need to be mastered on the way to building a successful future career.

Not only newcomers, but also experienced students enter the new academic year with joyful excitement. They gladly share their advice and recommendations with their younger comrades.

I am happy to say that I successfully completed the first academic year in a new country, using a new foreign language. It was not easy, but interesting. In the process of studying, I had to re-open my capabilities. While so much more is still to come! I want to wish all new students to meet all future challenges with good grace and remain on edge. Try to communicate with native speakers, read a lot, watch local TV, participate in voluntary services, and you will surely succeed!” a student of the Higher School of Tourism in Maribor, Olga Zhelanova, advises first-year students.

My first academic year in Slovenia was not so difficult and tense as I feared. Classmates and teachers accepted me cordially and provided assistance. I completed the first semester and passed all exams fast, which was a joyful event for me. After the New Year, I was already writing essays, compositions and other various assignments in Slovenian. The second semester was more difficult for me, but at the same time, more interesting. I like the Slovenian system of education, as well as my faculty, because it has everything you need for a comfortable study. Students can enjoy new lecture halls, modern equipment and computers. I missed my studies and look forward to meeting with classmates and new teachers,” says Polina Avfukova, a second-year student at the University of Maribor.

I would like to whole-heartedly congratulate our students on the start of the new academic year and on the choice of the professional path that they have made when deciding to study in Slovenia. I am sure that this choice is absolutely correct. This goes to prove their determination, high responsibility and the ability to get their priorities right. We wish students successful study and vivid impressions of staying in a new beautiful country!” sums up the Director of 2TM, Tatiana Meleshkova.