2TM Company Takes Part the Education of Slobozhanshchina and Studying Abroad 2018 Exhibition in Kharkiv

On 8–10 November 2018, the largest scientific and industrial regional centre of Ukraine hosted the 14th specialized international exhibition “Education of Slobozhanshchina and Studying Abroad 2018” in Kharkiv. The event was supported by the Science and Education Department of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration and the Education Department of the Kharkiv City Council.

Photo: © 2TM d.o.o.

The exhibition featured more than 60 participants – educational institutions and educational agencies from Ukraine, as well as representatives from abroad, in particular, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and Turkey. Representatives of 2TM were among the exhibition participants. Our booth enjoyed a significant interest among the exhibition visitors.

On the first day, the booth was mainly visited by the eleventh graders who came with their class tutors, as well as graduates of colleges and technical schools. The school leavers were interested in specific study programmes, conditions of admission and residence in Slovenia. They asked about diplomas and employment opportunities. On the second day, the visitors mainly included the eighth and tenth graders. The majority of the tenth graders had not yet finally decided on their future profession and therefore sought to find out what study programmes are currently in demand in general. Besides, young visitors and their parents were interested in how to prepare themselves for admission to Slovenian educational institutions and what awaits them after enrolment,” says Tatiana Sorokina, the Head of the 2TM regional office.

She also clarifies that the majority of school leavers are interested in humanitarian study programmes, in particular, English Philology, Tourism, International Relations, Marketing and Public Relations.

The exhibition “Education of Slobozhanshchina and Studying Abroad” is an important event in the life of the regional centre. The current exhibition has already been held 14 times, so it has already helped many generations of students to decide on their future profession, to find their own path in life. The 2TM Company has a welcoming and responsible attitude to the participation in such exhibitions. We are always ready to help our compatriots with their professional choice!” Tatiana Sorokina emphasizes.