2TM Holds a Workshop on the Importance of Quality Education in Kharkiv

The event was held in the Intelligent Science Club “The Place Of” on 7 October. The theme of the workshop “Education in Slovenia: Importance of Quality Education & Why Slovenia” attracted the main target audience. There were both school leavers and pupils of 10th grade, who in advance collected all the necessary information about higher education institutions.

After the official part of the workshop, the participants could ask their questions. Most of all students were interested in whether it is possible to enrol in Slovenian universities for Master’s degree programmes after receiving Bachelor’s degree in Ukraine and whether it is true that the biggest part of academic curriculum is devoted to self-study.

Schoolchildren were interested in questions about living in Slovenia, how easy it is to learn the Slovenian language and whether it is possible to stay working in the country after graduation. Besides, the young people planning their future were interested in terms for which the residence permit is provided, whether they would be later able to obtain citizenship, and what is included into the 2TM packages.