2ТМ Is the Only European Company at the Educational Fair

The Mikhailovsky Hall of the Vasilyevsky Congress Hall was flooded with the spring sunlight. The high-school children who came to the Education Horizons City Fair on 1 March were observing attentively all the educational institutions represented in the hall.

2ТМ was the only company representing European education at this event. And, of course, we aroused great interest. Some people learned first about Slovenia and others, already knowing the country, asked about the details of admission and student life.

Thousands of schoolchildren visited the Mikhailovsky Hall during the day. They arrived in organized groups together with their class leaders. Some children came with their parents. The 2TM employees both answered the questions of curious pupils and presented them with the company’s corporate planners.

It is a responsible step for every pupil to choose an educational institution. Leaving for another country is a doubly responsible decision. However, if one day you trust in life and your heart, then everything goes exactly as it is important for you right now. For those who want to, but are afraid of, we publish an interview with the head of the St. Petersburg office Ksenia Balashova. She speaks in detail about the fears of parents and reasons, for which it is still important to receive education in Europe.