2TM Presentation at the Education and Career Fair Starts оn Saturday at 2:00 p.m.

The representatives of our Slovenian office will attend the event, which will be held in Moscow from 20 to 22 October. You can personally communicate with the 2TM staff and ask any questions. Judging by the experience of past events, the majority of participants are particularly interested in the opportunity of receiving a job in Slovenia during their studies or after graduation.

The 2TM presentation “Study in Slovenia” will take place at the open space оn Saturday at 2:00 p.m., where we will talk about the features of study programmes and all the advantages of studying in Slovenian universities. Besides, you will receive information about the terms and conditions of admission as well as differences in our service packages. We will tell you about student bonuses, about life in Slovenia, and the reasons for which you should decide to move to this beautiful European country. What is of major importance, we will tell you about the guarantees of admission provided by our company.

You will find our booth in the Foreign Education zone. An individual design specially developed for our booth at the fair with an area of 18 square metres will not go unnoticed.

The Education and Career Fair will be held for the 15th time. Leading universities and secondary vocational schools of the country, foreign higher educational institutions, education agencies, adult education centres and employing companies will gather at one site. Around 18 thousand people usually visit the Education and Career Moscow International Fair.

Education abroad is presented at the fair with the most relevant proposals. This year, the following countries-participants will present the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes: Slovenia, Austria, Canada, Cyprus, France, Greece, Israel, Malta, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, and USA.

The Education and Career Moscow International Fair features an interactive platform for international education, at which various workshops, lessons, presentations, etc. are held. No one will get bored.

Time: on 20–22 October 2017 from 10:00 a. m. to 6:00 p. m.

Venue: 4, Ilyinka, Gostiny Dvor, Kitay-Gorod subway station, Moscow, Russia.