2TM Tells about Career Guidance in Slovenia at the Meeting of the Committee on Education

Where to study after school? How to choose a future profession and not to make a mistake? Where will a graduate apply his or her talents and abilities? Parents of each senior schoolchild ask these questions quite often. The right choice of a study programme significantly influences the student’s happiness and success in his or her adult life.

A variety of organizations is called upon to help graduates determine their future profession. On 9 February, a meeting of the Education Committee representatives dedicated to the upcoming month of “Career Guidance Compass – 2018” was held in St. Petersburg.

Participants of the meeting discussed the opportunities for career guidance of schoolchildren within the system of secondary vocational education, including using an automated system of psychological support. Experts shared their experience in professional self-determination of children, including extracurricular activities.

Ksenia Balashova, the Head of the 2TM’s St. Petersburg office, spoke about the career guidance system in Slovenia. The development of professional trajectory in young Slovenes starts from the junior classes. At this stage, the pupils’ inclinations to this or that kind of activity are revealed. The support continues until a diploma and a job is obtained. Therefore, career centres are arranged for the students of higher educational institutions, which help them in every way at the initial stage of their professional engagement.

The event was also attended by the First Deputy Chairman of the Education Committee of St. Petersburg, Yuri Solyanikov, and the Head of the Vocational Education Department, Vladislav Frolov.

The Month of “Career Guidance Compass – 2018” will be held in professional educational institutions of St. Petersburg in February–March this year.

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