2TM Tells about Study Programmes at the Workshop in Dnipro

The event was held on 11 October in the European Hotel lobby. The theme of the workshop was the same as in Kharkiv — Education in Slovenia: Importance of Quality Education & Why Slovenia.

During the welcome coffee break, the hosts of the workshop showed a video about the country and told why Slovenia is considered one of the most comfortable countries in Europe.

Then schoolchildren visited a presentation about the various universities in Slovenia and later asked their questions. Most of all they were interested in how to live and study in the country with a zero level of language.

“The Slovenian language is similar to Ukrainian. It is easy to master it. Many people even switch from English programmes due to their complex terminology. According to feedbacks, it is often easier to study in Slovenian,” Tatyana Sorokina, an employee of the 2TM Company, eased the anxiety of those who came to the workshop.

Besides, the speaker lulled fears of parents, telling them that many students find legal work already during the first year of studies. The workshop also helped to reveal a secret on what time it is better to apply to universities in order to have a guarantee of enrolment.