2TM Workshop in Petrozavodsk

At a young age, it seems that there is still much time ahead to think about the future profession. However, when a necessity to take a quick and responsible decision arises, we often understand that we have missed the right moment to make our choice.

While observing the adulting of your children, it is important to direct them to the field of activity, in which they will feel comfortable. They should not only enjoy their future profession, but also have an opportunity to earn good money.

It may not be that easy to convey a message about the necessity of receiving higher education to schoolchildren. The 2TM workshop held in Petrozavodsk in cooperation with the Initiative Language School provided a good opportunity to introduce in advance schoolchildren and their parents to the issue of European education quality.

Those who came to the event listened with interest to the employees of our company. The main part of the workshop was traditionally followed by asking questions. In a warm and friendly atmosphere of the roundtable, we wanted to convince the inhabitants of the Russia’s regions that receiving education in Europe is easier than it may seem at first glance.

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