300 Largest Slovenian Companies Receive 1.4 Billion Profit in 2016

In the last financial year, 300 largest Slovenian companies accounted for 41% of total turnover and all profits in the economy. In 2016, they received revenues amounting to 36.9 billion euros, while the net profit totalled to 1.4 billion euros. These companies employ about 130,000 people, which is 26% of the total employed number in the economy. In total, there are over 124,000 business entities in Slovenia turning in their expense accounts.

The top 300 includes Slovenian companies with an average annual turnover of 30 million euros. The Petrol oil trader heads the list with the last year’s turnover of 3,214 million euros. As in 2015, the second position is occupied by the electric power company Gen-I, the third place belongs to Mercator (consumer goods trading) and HSE (electricity generation). As compared to a similar ranking published in 2016, the changes occurred only in the tenth place, where the aluminium producer Impol came out with 549 million euros of average annual turnover ahead of another national oil trader OMV Slovenija.

Source: delo.si