On 4 January 1797, the First Newspaper in the Slovenian Language — “Lublanske Novize” was published in Ljubljana

A landmark in the history of Slovenian press. On 4 January 1797, the first issue of the newspaper in the Slovenian language — “Ljubljanskih Novic” (“Ljubljana News”—in English) was released in Ljubljana.

The newspaper “Ljubljanske Novice” (originally, “Lublanske Novize”) was published from 1797 to 1800, at first—twice a week, and then—once a week.

The publication was initiated by baron Žiga Zois. Slovenian poet and educator Valentin Vodnik was its chief editor, author, translator and technical editor. Slovenian newspaper “Ljubljanske Novice” was published in 100 copies and had 33 regular subscribers.

“Ljubljanske Novice” was the first newspaper published in the Slovenian language. Earlier, in 1778, the publication of another Slovenian newspaper in German “Laibacher Zeitung” was started.

The daily newspaper was published until 1918, when the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy collapsed.

Source: siol.net