The Life Quality Ranking of Slovenia’s Municipalities Is Published

Moje Finance has published the life quality ranking of country’s municipalities. The following criteria were taken into account when compiling the ranking: salaries, the number of employers, the level of health and safety, the availability of real estate objects and the level of infrastructure development.

The ranking of 212 Slovenian municipalities was headed by the municipality of Cerklje (Gorenjska region). It covers an area of 78 km². It has 7,600 inhabitants. The average monthly salary in the municipality makes 1,446 EUR net. In total, 223 business companies operate in the territory of the municipality. The average cost of housing in the municipality is 1,191 EURs per 1 m². A house with a land plot on average costs 119 thousand euros. The average age of municipality residents is about 40 years (an average indicator around Slovenia makes 42 years). It is worth noting that the Jože Pučnik Airport and the country’s leading ski resort Krvavec are located in the territory of the municipality. In an interview with Moje Finance, residents of the municipality note the availability and operation quality of infrastructure facilities, such as hospitals, schools, sport clubs, and cultural institutions.

Besides Cerklje, the leaders of the ranking are the municipalities of Žiri, Gorenja vas – Poljane, Železniki and Šenčur (all from the Gorenjska region).

The municipalities of Gornji Petrovci, Šalovci, Hodoš (Pomurje region) and Osilnica (Bela Krajna region) close the ranking. For comparison, only 370 people live in the Osilnica municipality, and the average monthly salary is just under 744 EUR net (the lowest in the country). At the same time, only 33 people officially work in the Osilnica municipality. There are practically no young people and children. There are only 5 children in the local primary school.

Video presentation of the Cerklje municipality: