7 Tips for First-year Students from the University of Primorska

1. Do you think that you have learned enough? Continue learning!

The days when you just ran through the study material and received good grades are over. It is necessary to learn how to be self-critical and not to postpone studies until the last day. You can always address tutoring students for assistance.

2. Behave as adults.

The secondary school is over. From now on, you are expected to assume personal responsibility.

3. Be self-dependent.

You will have to get used to being independent. This may mean that you will eat breakfast yourself, go to the library yourself, etc.

4. Try new classes.

While studying, you can try different interesting activities. Show yourself in a kind of sport that you have never heard of before, sign up for various clubs, etc. There is a high probability that you will fall in love with something that you did not previously think about.

5. Get used to nightlife.

For most freshmen, nightlife is at the top of the “to do” list. Remember, being a student is a combination of faculty activities and your social life. Student years are most suitable for taking part in various entertainment activities. However, do not forget to think for yourself.

6. Do not study on a programme, which is not your cup of tea.

Many students during their studies discover that they have made a mistake by choosing the wrong programme. If this happens to you, do not waste your time on the things that you are not comfortable with. Reconsider the offers of other faculties and change the programme.

7. Enjoy every second!

They do not lie when saying that student days are the best time of your life. Walk on weekends, celebrate small achievements, communicate with friends, and enjoy life from your heart. The time of study will slip away unnoticed, but these years, during which you determine your future, will become the most important ones in your life.

Source: soup.si