Discover Slovenia from Different Perspectives

This amazing country immediately sweeps tourists off their feet. They fall in love with Slovenia at first glance. Everyone who has ever visited Slovenia plans the next visit. Each time the green country prepares some new discoveries.

What can you try doing in Slovenia, if you are already on friendly footing here?

1. Dance in a medieval castle.

The highest point of the capital is the Ljubljana Castle towering on a hill. The castle can be reached by both a cable car and on foot. It often hosts concerts of classical music, film screenings and dance evenings. Schedule of events can be viewed at the official website of the Ljubljana Castle.

2. Receive a knighthood.

The city of Celje is rich in its architectural and historical sights. Many historical buildings have been preserved to the present day. These are old churches with monasteries and a 500-year-old water tower. The pride of Celje is a 13th century castle towering over the mountain above the Savinja River. Here, the ceremony of knighting takes place.

3. Ride a Slovenian gondola.

People visit the spa city of Bled to see the medieval Gothic castle on the edge of the cliff, breathe the clean alpine air, and admire the church on a small island in the middle of the lake. You can get there on the traditional Slovenian Pletna boats. They strongly resemble the outline of Venetian gondolas.

4. Take a train through the underground caves.

The Postojna Cave (Slovene: Postojnska jama) is included in the UNESCO list and not for nothing. An unusual cave system is located near the town of Postojna. Since the XIX century, it has been equipped with electricity and railway facilities. The underground train manoeuvres among bizarre stone figures and huge columns under the arches.

5. Taste orange wine.

In November, Slovenia hosts the Orange Wine Festiva.

Orange wine is made from white grapes. It acquires its shade after a long process of maceration.

Next time, we will tell more about interesting activities you can plunge into once in Slovenia.