A 106-Metre High Observation Tower to Be Built in Rogaška Slatina

Building of a 106-metre high observation tower Kristal is planned in the famous Rogaška Slatina resort. Upon completion of the construction, the tower will become the tallest building in the country.

The Mayor Branko Kidrič says that the tower will attract new guests to the resort. The estimated budget of the project will exceed 2 million euros. It is assumed that the project will be implemented at the expense of municipal funds.

Branko Kidric stresses that this project will increase the attendance of other cultural and tourist attractions of the resort.

It is planned that the observation tower will be built on the territory of the old music school. A ticket booth and WCs will be located on the ground floor. Panoramic and darkened elevators will take visitors to the top of the tower. A cafe with a terrace above it will be located at the very top of the tower. The area around the tower will be decorated with paving stone blocks.

At present, the highest building in the country is Kristalna palača (89 metres). The Intercontinental Hotel (81 metres) takes the second place. Situla is third in height. All three buildings are located in Ljubljana.

The highest observation tower is Vinarium. It was built in 2015 and is located in the settlement of Lendavske Gorice (Prekmurje region). Its height is 53.5 metres. This tower offers a beautiful view to the territory of four countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Croatia.

Source: rtvslo.si