A 27-year-old Milk Producer Receives the Young Farmer 2017 Title

The contest was organized by the Kmečki Glas Publishing House in cooperation with the Municipalities of Gorje and Bled, as well as by the Village Women Association (Slovene: Društvo žena in deklet na vasi). The event was held in the village of Zgornje Gorje.

The winner Jakob Dolinar from the settlement of Stara Oselica is engaged in the production and processing of milk on a farm with an area of 58 hectares.

In total, six contestants participated in the event. The young farmer showed the best theoretical knowledge. Besides, the judges liked his strudel and the ability to tie cowbells around his waist.

Tatjana Ladinek from the Association of Mežica Valley Women Farmers (Slovene: Društvo kmetic Mežiške doline) distinguished herself among the young female farmers.

Source: gorenjskiglas.si