A 40-metre Observation Tower Starts Its Work in the Podčetrtek Municipality

On Saturday, 6 July 2019, a 40-metre observation tower was officially opened at the top of the Silavec Hill in the municipality of Podčetrtek. The tower of triangular shape located at the settlement of Rudnica stands at an altitude of 630 metres above sea level. According to the Mayor of Podčetrtek Peter Misja, on a sunny day, the tower offers a beautiful view of Styria, Prekmurje and neighbouring Croatia.

The construction, which complements the already rich tourist offer of the region, cost the municipality over 200 thousand euros. It took 4 months to mount it (February–May 2019).

The tower is located at the European walking route E7 Podčetrtek–Olimje on a land plot owned by the state company manager of Slovenia’s forest lands – Slovenski državni gozdovi d.o.o.

Source: dnevnik.si