A Coffee Bar Is Opened in a Renovated Ljubljana Tram

The tram, which until recently spoiled the look of the Youth Work Brigades Square in Ljubljana, was renovated and a coffee bar was opened inside it. The red tram was repainted into blue. Its interior was changed and a terrace was added.

According to the representative of the Tramvaj management company, Andrej Maglica, their company has been looking for a site to open a coffee bar for a long time, and the possibility of renovating the tram seemed suitable for them. The coffee bar is open from 07:00 a.m. to midnight. So far, its menu includes only drinks, but dishes will soon be added due to the proximity of several educational institutions.

Some residents of Ljubljana mistakenly believe that the tram standing on the Youth Work Brigades Square was once riding along the streets of the city. In fact, we are talking about a Czech-made tram that was bought 20 years ago by an unknown entrepreneur and transported to Ljubljana.

Source: dnevnik.si