A Contract with the Magna Corporation

The solemn signing of the contract on implementation of strategic investment project in the municipality of Hoče-Slivnica will take place at the Maribor airport. At the same time, an agreement on state subsidies will be signed.

The Minister of Economy Zdravko Počivalšek informs that the new project will attract significant foreign investment in Podravje and will create several hundred new jobs. He confirms that preparations for the construction and installation works have already begun.

Počivalšek stresses that the negotiations between the Government and the Magna Corporation were not easy for both sides, but the final agreement is beneficial to everyone. He is convinced that Magna will fulfil all the conditions for obtaining an environmental certificate, which it will need before launching the first production site. It is assumed that 400 jobs will be opened in the paint and varnish plant.

Both agreements signed by the parties, according to the Minister, have already been agreed with the Magna Corporation and will be considered at the next government meeting. Počivalšek confirms that they talk about a sum of 18 million euros, with which the Austro-Canadian automotive transnational corporation is obliged to implement an investment project with a budget of 100 million euros, which within five years will allow opening at least 1 thousand new jobs.

The University of Maribor with its study programmes will also join the project of Magna Corporation on the launch of production in the process of providing the necessary qualified staff. The Rector of the university Igor Tičar notes that this is the main sense of their cooperation. He also adds that such giants as Magna need specialists in almost all fields of industry.

Source: siol.net