A Graduate of the University of Ljubljana Becomes a Professor at the Harvard University

A graduate of the University of Ljubljana, Dr Marinka Žitnik, received a position as a professor at the Harvard University following the results of a competitive selection with over 400 applicants. After graduation from the University of Ljubljana, she continued her studies at Imperial College, London, the University of Toronto, Baylor College of Medicine, and Stanford University. Today, the 30-year-old Slovene is undergoing advanced training supervised by Dr Jure Leskovec from Stanford University. Her research interests include machine learning, network science, data fusion, genomics, and medicine.

According to Marinka Žitnik, new technologies are changing medicine and give a completely different view of the body, health and disease. Now she, together with her research team at Harvard, will develop the most advanced computational methods to solve complex problems in biology and medicine. “According to the standards of medicine of the twentieth century, doctors diagnose and treat diseases paying attention to the organ it affects, while modern medicine of the twenty-first century will revise the entire field of disease interpretation thanks to the numerous molecular data obtained on the basis of new technologies,” Žitnik says.

Marinka Žitnik is open for cooperation. “I’m looking for students and graduate students who would like to collaborate with me in transforming science and medicine into disciplines based on data and the capabilities of computer technology,” she adds.

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