A Lecture on Violence Is Held at the Faculty of Applied Social Studies of the University of Nova Gorica

The Faculty of Applied Social Studies at the University of Nova Gorica, in collaboration with the municipality of Nova Gorica, held a lecture called “Violence – A Pressing Social Problem or the Reality of Everyday Life.”

The lecturer was a member of the Faculty, a specialist in the study of violence, a teacher of the Psychosocial Assistance programme, Dr Melita Zelnik. The lecture was also attended by the Vice-mayor of Nova Gorica, Master Elena Zavadlav Ušaj, Chairman of the Committee for Social Protection and Health, Faculty management.

The lecture contained basic knowledge about the essence of violence (especially in intimate relationships between partners) and its initiators. The participants were explained the dynamics of violence, its most common causes and consequences. The lecturer also addressed the resonant topic concerning correlation of violence cases among men and women and discussed the issue of female violence.

Source: facebook.com