A Monument to the Fallen Soviet Soldiers Will Be Opened in Ljubljana

The project developed in 2011 will be put into life.
It should be noted that the idea for installing a monument to the fallen Soviet soldiers was supported as early as in March 2011 at the highest political level during the official meeting of the former Prime Ministers of Slovenia and Russia—Borut Pahor and Vladimir Putin.

The first joint meeting of the project team for installation of the monument to the fallen Soviet soldiers took place in Ljubljana in May 2015. At the end of January this year, after intense negotiations and agreements with experts, the territory of ​​the Ljubljana cemetery was chosen as the most suitable place for monument installation.

Пам'ятник полеглим радянським солдатам

This project is totally funded by Russia.

In the beginning of February, the representatives of Russia approved the proposed location. The monument to the fallen Soviet soldiers who died in battles for Slovenia is fully funded by Russia. Its opening is scheduled for the end of July.

Two more monument in honour of the fallen Russian soldiers were previously installed in Slovenia. Those are the Monument to the Victory in Murska Sobota in honour of the Second World War victors—the Red Army soldiers and the Yugoslav partisans, and the Russian Chapel built in memory of the war prisoners, the subjects of the Russian Empire, who were buried with avalanche during the construction of road through the Vršič pass.


Source: rtvslo.si