A New Library to Open in Radovljica

The construction work had to be completed in September, but due to some roofing defects, it has been delayed one more time. The library on the Vurnik Square ​​(Slovene: Vurnikov Trg) has been under construction for 7 years. Its opening was postponed several times due to the bankruptcy of the contractor and lack of financial resources.

Currently, the city authorities implement the project worth 6 million euros. In October 2016, the municipality concluded an agreement with the Javna Razsvetljava Company on the works worth 2.4 million euros. Presumably, the state institution will be opened early next year.

The head of the Anton Tomaž Linhart Library Radovljica Božene Kolman Finžgar notes that the Department of Children’s Literature in the new building will grow in size. A sector of literature for adolescents will be opened. The library will be adapted to the needs of blind and visually impaired people. In addition, a reading room with a cafe and a terrace with a view of Radovljica will open.

In Slovenia, library is not just a place where a book can be borrowed. This is a real cultural centre, to which the Slovenians come in search of communication and new knowledge. Various children’s events (Slovene: bralne urice) are often held, during which librarians read books and later hold joint discussions. There are lectures on a variety of topics: from art to plant growing.

Source: rtvslo.si