A New Park of Culture and Leisure Opens in Bovec

A new park of culture and leisure, which has already been called the “park of adrenaline” because of a great deal of attractions located at an altitude of 20 meters, opens in Bovec.

The amusement park in Bovec is designed for the locals and guests of the resort who like active leisure entertainments. According to the builders, the park has been constructed in compliance with the most stringent safety standards. However, you should never forget about safety. All attractions are above the ground and are attached to trees, so every park visitor should be careful and cautious.

All visitors before entering the park should read the safety rules. “When park guides see that a person can safely and correctly handle the equipment, they let him into the park and then he proceeds on his own,” Filip Horvat, an employee of the local sports centre, said in an interview with TV Slovenija.

“You always need to be tied to two cables for safety and be vigilant,” the park’s employees added. The amusement park has 30 sections—20 for adults, and 10, located closer to the ground, are designed for children. “This is a squatter development, but it meets all European construction standards and has all necessary certificates,” they stressed.

Source: rtvslo.si