A New Quality Mark to Appear in Slovenia

Exclusive Quality – Slovenia (Slovene: Izbrana kakovost – Slovenija) is used to promote poultry meat, beef, milk and dairy products. In the nearest future, the support programme will include fruits and vegetables.

The support programme for local producers of agricultural products involves a series of advertising and information campaigns.

The first products with the “Izbrana kakovost – Slovenija” quality mark appeared on the store shelves in December 2016. The programme budget (for milk, dairy products, meat and meat products) is over 3 million euros.

Within the framework of the quality assessment scheme, a three-year campaign of the Ministry of Agriculture and Foodstuffs is planned to implement a promotional activity Our Super Food (Slovene: Naša superhrana).

The campaign is an expanded version of the similar project Local Food (Slovene: Hrana iz bližine) 2012. In 2013, it was implemented under the slogan Local Quality (Slovene: Lokalna kakovost), and over the next two years, the slogan will be Quality Is Our Priority (Slovene: Kakovost nam je blizu).

The goal of all similar campaigns held by the industry-specific ministry is to ensure the growth of confidence in local products among domestic consumers. This is a key factor in the sustainable development of the country’s agriculture.

Source: delo.si