A Press Conference in Honour of the International Olive Tree Day Is Held in Šempeter pri Gorici

It raised important topics. Currently, only 15–20% of the olive oil sold in Slovenia comes from local producers. At the same time, its consumption rises and on average is about 1 litre per year per person.

The production of olive oil is based on the harvest of small olive plantations located in different regions of the country. Their average area is 0.3 hectares. Only 4% of all olive plantations have an area of ​​more than 1 hectare. Members of the Association of Olive Oil Producers note that a small area of plantations, their fragmentation and fuzzy land plot ownership structure are those factors that restrict the development of the olive oil production.

Therefore, the foreign olive oil of better quality enters the market. At the same time, it is cheaper than the olive oil produced in Slovenia. Some local farmers are already giving up their usual business, since they consider it unprofitable.

According to the Head of the Association Miran Adamič, the yield of olives in the Western Slovene Littoral region this year will be comparable to the last year’s one. Due to weather conditions, it will be 20% lower than expected, but the good quality of olives will remain.

Source: sloveniatimes.com