A Professor from the DOBA Faculty to Give a Lecture at the Second International Exhibition Feel the Future in Celje

Andrej Žižek, a professor from the DOBA Faculty, will give a lecture at Feel the Future Exhibition in Celje. The topic of the lecture is “Cities of the Future – Smart Cities.” During the lecture, Žižek will present advanced solutions in the design and management of smart cities and Slovenia’s experience in this field.

Photo: Designed by DOBA Fakulteta

The lecture will be held in the lecture hall L of the exhibition centre in Celje on Thursday, 18 October 2018, at 10:30 a.m. The second international exhibition Feel the Future (17–19 October 2018) will be devoted to the latest digital developments.

It should be noted that since 2016, the DOBA Faculty has been developing the Master’s degree programme “Management of Smart Cities”. The DOBA Faulty is the only educational institution in South-Eastern Europe that teaches this programme. The content of the programme is aimed at effectively solving the problems of urban agglomerations. In collaboration with European universities, the DOBA Faculty also participates in a research project TellMe, which is engaged in the study and development of global metropolises.

Source: fakulteta.doba.si