A Professor from the University of Nova Gorica Receives the Zois Award

Prof. Dr. Gregor Mali, a senior researcher at the Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana and a professor of physics at the University of Nova Gorica, received the Zois Award.

The professor is engaged in the development and implementation of nuclear magnetic resonance methods to study materials for storing energy and gases. Gregor Mali was the first of Slovenian scientists who showed in practice the nuclear magnetic resonance of high resolution, which makes it possible to analyse the structure of materials and processes occurring therein at the atomic level.

The professor’s work on the analysis of heterogeneous and unregulated porous materials is of particular importance. It managed to provoke interest among known foreign researchers—a group of scientists from the University of Leuven (Belgium), Versailles (France) and Cambridge (Great Britain).

The Zois Awards and the Johann Puch Awards were solemnly presented last week at the Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana.

Source: ung.si