A Professor of the University of Ljubljana Is a Historical Prize Winner

A lecturer from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Ljubljana, Professor Božo Repe, won the tenth Clio Award for the best work on history in 2015. He was awarded for his monograph “With a Gun and a Book: the National Liberation Struggle of the Slovenian People in 1941–1945” at the 38th Congress of Slovenian Historians.

Nagrada Klio prof. Božu RepetuThe author succeeded to describe this page of the Slovenian people’s history with an impressive accuracy, to give a detailed description and to highlight its historical place among the complex and contradictory events of the Second World War, which continues to be a subject of hot debate in the Slovenian society. The book is written in an accessible language, differs in stylistic diversity and specifics of presentation. At the same time, it is very timely. Although the monograph of Božo Repe can hardly be the only possible interpretation of the occupation period of 1941–1945, the book however presents an integrated and comprehensive view on the then events, considers their contradictory dynamics, complexity and ambiguity of perception.

Source: uni-lj.si