A Professor of the University of Nova Gorica Wins the Salon 2017

Prof. Dr. Aleš Vaupotič (University of Nova Gorica) and Prof. Dr. Narvika Bovcon (University of Ljubljana) received the main award of the Salon 2017 exhibition presented by the Union of Slovenian Artists Associations. A series of sculptures and videos called “3D-Visualization of Data on Men of Letters” is thematically associated with the stories of heroines from the European literature. The series was first created in 3D CAD and then cast in silver with the help of the Zlatarstvo Močnik jewellery workshop (Ljubljana).


The jeweller’s imagination and the finest minimalistic motifs in sculptures called Jezero, Citat, Literary Authors and Treasures convey the reflexive perception of human life and the world. The project originated as part of the European project Potujoči teksti 1790–1914 (HERA CRP Traveling TexTs) at the University of Nova Gorica.

The exhibition at the National Museum is open until 25 February 2018.

Source: ung.si