A Record Number of Participants at the 21st Ljubljana Marathon

On 30 October, the Volkswagen 21st Ljubljana Marathon will traditionally start in the capital of Slovenia.

The current festival of running will feature a record number of participants for the marathon (42 km), the semi-marathon (21 km), and the race on the distance of 10 km.

The two-day sporting event will be attended by 28,487 athletes, wherein 18,868 of them will take part in the Sunday starts.

As compared to the last year’s marathon, today’s competition will involve 14.4% more participants and 22.5% more athletes on the 42-kilometre distance.

A large number of the marathon participants has become a particular problem for the organizers, which was confirmed by the director of the Ljubljana Marathon Gojko Zalokar. “We are a bit worried because we do not know exactly how to place so many lovers of running on such a small space. The forecasts made by the Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković on the future increase in the number of athletes up to 40–50 thousand people will not come true this year, but we are really getting closer to these figures. Therefore, in the future, for safety reasons, we may have to think about certain restrictions on the number of participants that have already been implemented for some European and world marathons,” Zalokar said accordingly.

The marathon route runs through the streets in the centre of Ljubljana and along the suburban roads. For the third time in the history, the race on the longest distance will be held in one round. On Sunday, the race on the distance of 10 km will start at 8:30 am and on the distance of 21 and 42 km—at 10:30 am. The athletes with disabilities will start ten minutes before the common start.

On Saturday, 29 October, the organizers of the event will hold a mini-marathon for the youngest participants: the race for secondary school pupils (3.5 km), the race for basic school pupils (2 km), the promo-race (600 m and 1,600 m), the Lumpi race (200 m), and the Fun race (3.5 km). All races will start at the Slovenian cesta between the Cubo Hotel and the Uršulinsk Church, and finish—at the Congress Square.

Source: rtvslo.si