A Record Pumpkin, which Already Weighs 620 Kilograms, Was Cultivated in Slovenia

A pumpkin, which already weighs 620 kg, in drought periods “drinks” about 500 litres of water per day.

Trebnje. — A pumpkin of the American Atlantic Giant variety grows in the Janko Lovše’s garden, in Veliki Ševnici. Right 10 days before the start of the competition among all Slovenian pumpkin growers in the Mozirsk Grove, it already weighs 620 kg. The young farmer believes that he will manage to beat his own 2-year old national record, and next year, possibly the world record of 1,054-kg pumpkin grown in Swiss by Benny Meyer.

У Словенії вирощують рекордну гарбуз, яка вже важить 620 кілограм

A pumpkin, which ceased to grow, weighs only 572 kg

Janko Lovše started growing pumpkins for more than 8 years ago, and was proud when the scales read 30 kg. The organizer of the competition in the Mozirsk Grove Božo Plesec confirms that a few years ago Janko Lovše grew a mega pumpkin weighing 657 kg, which still remains the record holder in Slovenia. However, Lovše expects that this year he will surpass his record, because each day his pumpkin puts on 5 kg. The plant covers an area of 80 m2 and during the drought periods “drinks” about 500 litres of water daily.


Source: delo.si