A Research and Practice Seminar on Modern Tools for Controlling to Be Held at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana

On 25–26 October 2018, a research and practice seminar on Modern Tools for Controlling will be held at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana. The event is a combination of a lecture, a presentation of theoretical and practical aspects of the analysed issue, answers to practical questions and a presentation of best practices in Slovenia and beyond.

The quality of business information is becoming increasingly important to ensure the long-term success of enterprises and the achievement of business goals. Enterprises must have at their disposal the relevant, accurate and understandable business information that managers can use to make business decisions.

The seminar will consider key economic, financial and business concepts that will serve as the basis for the substantive work of controllers. Practical examples will demonstrate the possibility of using various tools, which include a balanced scorecard (BSC), the concept of economic profit and its derivative (EVA), benchmarking, distribution and planning of costs from operating activities (ABC, ABB, ABM), a target costing model, different approaches to financial planning, etc.

The seminar is intended for managers and experts in controlling, who want to gain theoretical and practical knowledge in the application of various modern controlling tools.

More information about the programme and application for participation

Source: efnet.si