A Revival in the Primary Housing Market Is Planned in Maribor

The heyday of the residential real estate market promises Maribor an increase in the new build offers. At present, the demand for housing in the city is much higher than the supply, but in the coming years, with the assistance of the Republican housing stock, several residential houses are planned to be built in the city.

Objects for 350–400 apartments, according to the representatives of the Foundation, will be built within the area between the Šarhov and Kamenškov streets. It is assumed that the building permit will be received next year. Completion of the facilities construction and settling of residents is planned by the end of 2020.

Another large project of housing construction is planned within the area of the Veljka Vlahoviča Street. Besides, private investors will be engaged in housing construction in Maribor as well. Currently, a residential building for 28 apartments is under construction on the Šubičev Street and the Tabor clubhouse is being built on the Pariške Komune Street. A new microdistrict for 8 residential buildings is under construction in the Košaški Dol district. A project for the site development of the area along the Dravograjska Street in at the stage of construction plan preparation.

The construction of residential buildings is planned on the left bank of the Drava River between the Koblarjev Bay and Faculties of the University of Maribor. A private investor intends to build two clubhouses and several two-story houses with terraces on this territory.

Source: rtvslo.si