A Series of Events Dedicated to the International Dictionary Day to Be Held in Ljubljana: Hurry Up to Register!

16 October is the International Dictionary Day. To mark this event, the Lexicology Section of the Slavic Society of Slovenia will hold a panel discussion on dictionaries and compilation issues in the Vodnik Homestead on Wednesday, 16 October 2019, at 04:00 p.m.

On the same day, at 07:00 p.m., a theatrical performance by Andrej Rozman Roze “Ljubljana Guide Finds Vodnik” (Slovenian: Ljubljanski vodnik našel Vodnika) will be held. The next day, 17 October, a series of seminars on the history of dictionaries and their use will be held.

The target audience of the events includes teachers, translators, students, schoolchildren and everyone who is interested in this topic.

The entrance to all events is free. The number of available places is limited. Registration runs until Wednesday, 25 September 2019.

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Source: zdsds.si