A Slovene Alexander Čeferin Is the New UEFA President

Today the new president of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) was elected in Athens. As expected, the Slovene Alexander Čeferin became the new president.

aleksander-cheferin-uefaToday, the UEFA has obtained a new president. A Dutchman Michael van Praag and the President of the Slovenian Football Federation Alexander Čeferin, who was considered a favourite of the vote, stood as the candidates for the post of the head of the European Football Union. It is already known that the previous head of UEFA, a Frenchman Michel Platini, has officially resigned.

Alexander Čeferin arrived in Athens on Monday together with his closest associates Aleš Zavrl, Ilije Kitić, Željko Pavlice and Matjaž Krajnik. Vlado Schein, the head of the European Football Union Referees Committee, is also in Athens together with such famous personalities as Pierluigi Collina and Hugh Dallas. The Slovenian delegation will stay in Athens until Friday.

On Tuesday, 13 September, Michael van Praag and Alexander Čeferin held final press conferences for the present journalists and presented in details their electoral programs.

“We have to solve many problems, including those of negative nature, for example, dishonest draws, doping or match-fixing. These are the main challenges facing us, but there are many other amazing and urgent tasks. That’s what I wanted to talk about — about friendship, about football,” Alexander Čeferin said in his speech addressed to the UEFA delegates on the eve of the vote.

This is a historic moment for Slovenia. A Slovene has become the leader of one of the most influential organizations in the world of sports. The voting results of 55 UEFA delegates — 42:13 in favour of Alexander Čeferin.


Source: delo.si