A Slovene Surprises Cat Fanciers from All Over the World

Tjaša Storm has invented fashionable bows and ties for pets.

A cat lover from Slovenia started sewing accessories for animals when she moved with her husband to Berlin. The idea arose spontaneously. Tjaša Storm dressed out her pet Max with a pretty bow tie and posted its photos in the Instagram.

Soon the number of cat fanciers tracking photos of the fluffy trendy exceeded 10 thousand. The demand for the cat’s fashionable accessory has grown significantly. Today, Storm has customers from around the world. The brand of bows and ties for cats from the Slovene businesswoman is called Cat in Berlin.

“The reaction was excellent. We received a lot of ads, positive feedback and suggestions for cooperation from almost all parts of the world. Today our products are worn by cats, dogs, rabbits and other domestic animals from Germany, Holland and Scandinavia to the USA, Japan and Australia,” Tjaša Storm said three years ago. Now the woman notes that the business is going well.

“Cat fanciers spoil their pets the same as parents spoil their children,” Tjaša says. Now Storm is sewing for sale not only bows and ties, but also mice filled with catnip. Half of them are already sold out. Besides, the Cat in Berlin trademark offers scarves and collections of accessories for such symbolic days as Bartholomew’s Night, Oktoberfest, Christmas and St. Valentine’s Day.

Source: siol.net