A Slovene Wins the Second Stage of the World Cup in Ski Jumping

Jernej Damjan came to the second stage of the World Cup in ski jumping as a reservist instead of Timi Zajc, who had to stay in Slovenia.

After coming to Finland (the city of Rukatunturi), the athlete showed an excellent level of jumping. He managed to maintain stability. Jumping 140 and 142 metres long allowed Damjan to celebrate the victory. The second was Norwegian Johan Andre Forfang. German Andreas Wellinger came the third.

Thanks to the victory, Jernej Damjan was able to enter the number of the most age-old jumpers who have ever won at the World Cup stages. The first place is occupied by the Japanese Noriaki Kasai. He also established his personal record in Finland, Rukatunturi three years ago, when he was 42 years old. The second place went to his compatriot Takanobu Okabe. They are followed by Slovenian athletes.

The victory allows Jernej Damjan to think about participating in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang (South Korea).

Source: siol.net